Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Just Two More and My Collection Will Be Complete

Just Two More and My Collection Will Be Complete
-Installation by Anthony Marshall
-Music: Soundtrack to Pride and Prejudice (starring that Keira Knightley girl)

There I was, utterly fondling a luxurious brocaded silk fabric, thinking about the scarf I was about to make with it.  As I struggled to find the perfect pairing of color and texture, it struck me.  I was the son of a “garage-sale-queen,” and here I was about to spend $30, before the coupon of course, on a couple yards of this lavish fabric, all for the sake of luxury. 
            My work explores a manic need to emulate luxury and wealth.  My work is built from thrift store trinkets, clearance goods, and low-grade materials.  Everything about my work is a fa├žade, barely able to withstand even the briefest glance.  I use flamboyantly baroque displays filled with color and texture, as a distraction technique screaming, “Look at me, instead of the wall that just might collapse on you at any minute!” I create awkward visual struggles between hasty cheap constructions, and gaudy shrines of lavishness and fortune, while exploring aesthetic values, materiality, theatricality, and faux abundance.

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