Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Connor's Stuff

A Collection of Unused Album Covers

These images were converted to raw data, then opened and edited in Audacity, an open-source audio editor. The image could be edited with sound techniques like echo, distortion, equalizers and frequency filters. Here are a couple results.

Appropriated artwork

This is a collage made entirely out of public domain imagery. The barcode actually contains the name of the album and is designed to be read by smartphones.

 This is from a series of covers I made combining historical art pieces with photos of space.

There are more images, but in order to save space, I put them here.


The goal of this piece was to create an anti-contextual conglomeration of consumerist propaganda by switching the audio and video from different TV commercials. As a result of each being 30 seconds long, I noticed that every commercial had a similar structure, and sometimes the audio and video actually work together.

This is a music video for one of my songs using clips from more 90's TV commercials. 

This is an experimental music video featuring datamoshing, purposefully causing glitches in the video encoding process in order to pass on image/movement information from one clip to another.

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