Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Self Portrait

For the self portrait assignments, I began by taking a simple photo of myself and drawing on it. I had in mind a sort of topographical map. I just created the layers in my head as I was drawing them on the photo. After I had applied all of the lines, I scanned the photo and used illustrator to trace the lines using my Wacom tablet. I left the image very plain with a white background because I felt that it was reflective of my nature, peaceful and calm. In the next self portrait, I continued to work with my original image. I made it more of a map by adding color for levels. By looking at the image as it was, I determined that it was a very serious and contemplative pose. This may be great for a self portrait, but for me, I felt I should add something more playful. Although I am very peaceful, contemplative, and thoughtful, I am also fun and playful. The quote behind the image reflects that idea by throwing in a strange and funny feeling to the overall image. However, there is also a seriousness within the quote that deals with the issues I have with growing up and fitting into adult roles.

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